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  • Behind Forest Fresh

    Hello! We're Mary & Lucas.


    Growing up in Southeast Alaska our meals have always come from the bounty of the ocean and the forests. Although seafood and wild game recipes have been readily available and common knowledge in Southeast, the indigenous plants have been more of mystery. Over the past ten years we have gained knowledge of wild edible plants and have enjoyed experimenting with them in our recipes. We believe being closely connected to our food and where it comes from, and that through doing this we help instill respect, care and joy in our family. We know food brings people together and ultimately it's our expression of love.


    We delight in hosting dinner parties, hikes in the forest and feeding our ongoing curiosity of indigenous plants and their uses.


    You can find us in Sitka with our son Ryker, our nephew Tyson and our two giant dogs, Nika and Ranger.


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  • Gluten Free Recipes


    Our new recipes are gluten-free.


    If you do not want your recipes to be gluten-free you can swap these pantry ingredients:


    • Baking flour instead for 1-to-1 Baking Flour
    • Flour tortillas for Corn Tortillas
    • Panko Bread Crumbs for gluten-free Panko Crumbs



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