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    Sushi Pizza with Mary and Lucas Goddard

    Join Mary and Lucas Goddard in their kitchen as they share how to make one of their favorites- sushi pizza!

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    Wild Pesto Chicken

    False lily of the valley, also known as deer heart greens, carpets the forest edge and can be found in abundance in springtime. Tastiest when its leaves are young, this green makes a great addition to scrambled eggs or salads.

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    Horsetail Herbed Iced Tea

    Horsetail can be found in early spring in moist marshy areas as well as forests. High in silica and nicknamed “Athlete’s tea,” the plant helps reduce inflammation...

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    Celebrating & Protecting Indigenous Art (Video)

    We continue our celebration of Women's History Month. Mary Goddard, Tlingit, is a jeweler and culinary artist. Her artwork can be seen in Alaska in places like Sitka and Juneau...

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    Wild Harvests, Wild Love

    The sun lit up the translucent tiny gems that dangled from the lush green branch, making them irresistible to my six-year-old bestie and me...

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    Forest Fresh Alaska: A Forest-To-Table Cooking Blog

    The popular Southeast Alaska food blog formerly known as Plant Guru has an exciting fresh new look as Forest Fresh Alaska.

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    Simply Delicious Grilled Salmon

    “Who knew grilling salmon could be so easy?” says Alaskan chef and blogger Mary Goddard, who developed this recipe with her husband, Lucas.

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    Issue No. 21: Wild salmon in Sitka, Alaska

    With peak salmon season in full swing, we wanted to talk to the experts: the fishers of Sitka, Alaska. We hop on the boat with Alaskans...

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    4 salmon recipes straight from the source

    Mary is Kaagwaantaan, an Eagle from the Brown Bear clan. Lucas is Kik.sadi, a Raven from the Frog clan. They met working at a restaurant...

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    Smoked Salmon Sushi Lollipops

    Cooking seafood for a family that includes younger kids can be a challenge. This recipe is a hit across age groups because of its playful presentation and tasty flavors. Stick classic...



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    Creamy Coconut-Salmon Chowder


    This is a flavorful, healthy twist on a traditional fish chowder from Sitka, Alaska, chef and blogger Mary Goddard, who created this recipe along with her husband, Lucas.

    “This is a great way to stretch leftover baked or grilled salmon,” Mary says.

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    Deer Heart-Wrapped Sockeye Fillets

    The presentation is one of the key parts of this recipe from Alaskan chef and blogger Mary Goddard and her husband, Lucas, because they really make your guests feel like they’re...


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    Video: A way of life — Alaska salmon fishing

    Wild salmon fishing is a way of life in Sitka, Alaska. In a town where everyone seems to know everyone, and everyone knows their salmon...

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    Thank you for visiting Forest Fresh Alaska!

    Lucas & Mary


    There is a strong connection between what we eat and where we live. This truth has been instilled in both my husband and I, from early on. Growing up in Southeast Alaska, we were accustomed to eating from the bounty of our ocean and forests. Now we are thrilled to be able to pass this knowledge and way of life on to not only our own family, but families everywhere.


    My husband Lucas, a former chef, takes to fishing and hunting, bringing home all kinds of wonderfully fresh meal options. I have spent the past ten years studying hands-on the foraging and harvesting of indigenous plants. We come together in the kitchen to create unique recipes utilizing our ingredients from our ocean and rainforests. We hope this inspires you to do the same.


    Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more recipes and tips. Or stay posted to be able to sign up for our newsletter and get the recipes delivered right to your inbox.


    XOXO- Mary


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    Content Creator: Samantha Phillips


    I love being part of the creative team at Forest Fresh Alaska. I too, grew up in Southeast Alaska in the rural village of Yakutat. Although I currently live in Alabama with my husband and children, each recipe crafted from Forest Fresh reminds me of home. As sisters, Mary and I have spent many holidays together in the kitchen, tag teaming cooking and cleanup. Though we may be miles apart we are still excited to create together. I help come up with creative recipes, as well as crafting the blogs, printable recipes and the social media feed.


    Love, Samantha


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    Table Scape Artist: Kathi Goddard


    I have an absolute love for making people feel welcome. Over my many years in Sitka I have hosted vintage markets to sell my vintage finds and more recently brought my vision of a bed and breakfast to life through our retro-clamping trailers Camp Starlight Alaska. 


    Fashioning tablescapes is something I’ve always enjoyed. Creating themes to set the mood for a meal or gathering is pure joy for me! Being able to do that for my son Lucas and daughter-in-law Mary when they cook up their amazing Forest Fresh Alaska meals is an extension of our family celebrations. It's a look into how we like to enjoy life!


    Much love,



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