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Venison Lettuce Wraps

Recipe included

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Here's the deal, lettuce wraps are easy, quick and pretty forgiving. (Not to mention, savory and fresh!)

I love spending copious amounts of time creating the perfect recipe, but honestly I haven't found the time to do that. I suppose it is just a dream, a fantasy of mine.

So, in my life right now, something quick and easy is perfect.

This recipe is fun for kids too. Ryker (who is four, almost five years old) and I spent our morning at the beach. He turning over rocks looking for crabs; me, scouting the rocks for fresh goose tongue. We go back and forth; from picking up crabs to foraging for wild goose tongue. This time together makes for a great discussion about crab colors, the type of crab that pinch and how to go about holding such crabs. Ryker is confident that his buddy Quinn is an expert at picking up crabs, so I get quite a lesson! We also discuss goose tongue and the pollen dusting off the top of the goose tongue flowers. Most importantly we discuss when we will be coming back to the beach. He suggests we stay all day and never leave.

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I must admit, it was pretty tempting.

Naturally Ryker is thrilled about dinner because of his involvement in collecting it. Later that night as we sit amongst family, including my husband's parents, Ryker is an instant fan of lettuce wraps.

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Our wraps were the perfect appetizer because the butter lettuce leaves has such small leaves. I could've found a larger leaf lettuce, but I love how the buttery texture pairs with the wild venison.

Our appetizers are served.

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I add hot sauce.

Ryker adds sour cream.

My mother-in-law and I add a glass of red wine.

Lucas joins us and adds to the table a freshly grilled king salmon and a side of aromatic rice.

Nika (our husky-wolf dog) follows Lucas and rests by his feet under the dinner table.

Ranger (our rottweiler-husky dog) rests his head on the table next to my Father-in-law. Ranger knows who is most likely to offer up a scrap.

Dinner is delicious.

Forest fresh, easily made and there are no left overs.