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Bring on the sunshine!

by Mary Goddard

Hungry for something FRESH and ZESTY?

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This vibrant Lemon Chicken Harvest Salad I created will wake up your mouth and have you excited to forage for watermelon berry leaves (also known as twisted stalk), yellow violets, and goose tongue greens. While the yellow violets add to the beauty, the goose tongue greens contribute a subtle salty note and crunch. Watermelon berry leaves have clean notes of cucumber, giving this salad all the fresh summer vibes, especially alongside the added brightness of the lemon.

For a double-take on this recipe, consider adding the chilled chicken and dressing mixture on Hawaiian-style bread for a delicious sandwich.

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Yellow Violets are tiny, powerful little plants. Injesting just two leaves of this plant fulfills your daily requirement for vitamin C. When cooked, the leaves act as a thickening agent in soup.

The yellow violet is easily recognizable and easy to harvest, so it is a great plant to begin utilizing in your salads. When I get the chance, I use the little flowers as cupcake decorations.

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