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Horsetail Fern

Athlete's Tea?
· Plant Guru Blog
By Mary Goddard
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Beautiful, wispy and coarse, no wonder it got it's name Horsetail. Chances are you have seen this plant around every spring and summer and ignored it, or like me, picked it to pull it apart at the little segments (just for picking's sake). But, did you know this plant is rich in minerals and bursting with silica? What's the big deal, you ask? Let me tell you! Silica is more important than many of us really understand or acknowledge. Did you know that it is beneficial in hair, skin and nail health? Big deal right. Well hold on, it is also beneficial in:
Heart Health
Digestive Disorders
Immune System
Bone Health
and...Joint Health
Thus not only is it good for you ladies out there wanting long, luscious hair, but also works wonders for you athletes out there wanting to protect and heal your joints. This is just the beginning of what Horsetail is good for. I haven't even mentioned that it is also helpful in fighting Respiratory Tract Infections and combating Kidney Stones and...  I won't bog you down with details, if this has intrigued you more, check out what SunWarrior News has to say about Silica and what Home Remedies Web has to say about Horsetail Fern. 
If your like me and can't wait to try this amazing plant make a simple tea. Pick a handful of fresh Horsetail. Break into pieces or chop, use roughly 4 tablespoons to 8 oz of boiling water to make yourself a hot cup of "Athlete's Tea". Add a little honey or lemon if you desire.